Ebook: The Next Step – A Bold Approach to a Quality Plan by Renée Kennedy



Learn more about the Mid-South’s top financial planner, Renée Kennedy, and get some tips for planning YOUR retirement in this eBook written by the superstar herself!

You’re busy. You have limited time to look, listen, and determine if a plan makes sense for your situation. Most times, you need the facts. You want to look at the critical items yet understand how they would work for your organization.

Here’s a thought…

How about an easy-to-read, straight-to-the-point book that provides most of those answers? A book that you can go back to for reference when you need more clarity. Wouldn’t that be great?

Well, that’s why I wrote this.

Why do most agents and advisors not follow up with clients or properly service their plans? Because it is not their primary business. A properly serviced plan is essential for success, and I want to work with you to create the best plan possible. My goal is to help people save money, have a dignified retirement, and have resources available in times of crisis. I am happy to meet with you, your team or your accountant to discuss our path to success.


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