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AAA Life Solutions

Peace in Prosperity
Debt Coaching

Find peace in your finances with AAA Life Solutions Debt Coaching, where we guide you through intentional planning, debt reduction, and wealth building for a financially secure future.

Our Packages

At AAA Life Solutions, we offer personalized financial coaching packages to help you achieve peace in your finances. Our Peace in Prosperity Debt Coaching program includes five sessions that cover everything from debt reduction to retirement planning, tailored specifically to your unique financial situation. With our expert guidance and Dave Ramsey’s proven strategies, we’ll help you create a budget, pay off debt, build an emergency fund, and invest in your future. Book your initial free consultation with us today to start your journey toward financial peace and prosperity.


$37.50 a week / once you reach $150 we will reach out to you to begin your new journey.


$75 every two weeks / once you reach $150 we will reach out to you to begin your new journey.


$150 a month

Get Started Today!

Lump Sum

$1,200 total

Get Started Today!

How It Works

Initial FREE Consultation
Session 1 | Peace with Intentionality
Dave Ramsey Financial Snapshot
Who you are?
Where are you currently?
What is your purpose?
What do you want to achieve?
Initial FREE Consultation
Session 2 | Peace in Organization
How we learn(ed) about money.
Money Classroom
Next Steps (Setting up a budget)
Addressing weak areas in the budget.
Action steps on how to proceed to address areas of growth.
Session 3 | Peace in Debt Reduction
Unique Money Tendencies
Budget follow up: Surprises? Reductions…? Address areas of short fall. (Insurance, retirement, will, cut backs, sale stuff, etc…)
Dave Ramsey Debt Snowball
Session 4 | Peace in Planning
Fear/Past Mistakes
Your beliefs change everything “Control”
Dave Ramsey Baby Steps 1-3
Save $1,000
Pay off all debt (except house) using debt snowball
Save 3-6 months of expenses in a fully funded emergency fund.
Session 5 | Peace for the Future
Dave Ramsey Baby Steps 4-7
Invest 15 percent of your household income into retirement.
Build Wealth and give.